landes und zentral bibliothek.
1 September 2014

competition. 2 rundgang. landes und zentral bibliothek © cecilia fossati lucia pasquali filippo corato roberta d’alessandro simone de stasio


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landes und zentral bibliothek
tempelhof. berlin

the library, a somewhat tyrannical design, stands in the tempelhof district of berlin as a dark imperial machine of culture. the central cores of the library distribute this sense of power vertically throughout the building; this is most notable towards the higher levels, in which the books are stored, and where the natural light is altered into distinctive and unique directions and patterns.
the cores, which have been designed in order to maximise space with remarkable efficiency, are the sole divisions within the design; this results in minimal light obstruction from the outside of the façade, whilst also maintaining the panoramic view from within. inside the design, the projection of the surrounding environment onto the triangular-shaped space leads to the perception of a natural square design, highlighting the significance of the relationship of the building with its setting. along the edges of the façade, a second circulation works its way upward, giving certain independence to each sector and allowing movement in a calm and scenic fashion.