farringdon atelier house.
2 September 2014
farringdon exhibition house_02

accademia di mendrisio. farringdon atelier house. london

00_farringdon exhibition house_situation

02_farringdon exhibition house_section

01_farringdon exhibition house_plans

farringdon exhibition house_01

03_farringdon model_08

03_farringdon model_03

03_farringdon model_04

farringdon atelier house.

based in the heart of east london, this building explores the relationship between art, the artist and the city, through which the distinction between the creation and exhibition of public and private art becomes unclear.

as the street carves its way through the building and the private ateliers, the city becomes an outdoor gallery, as well as part of its scenography. inside and outside become one single unit although private space is still maintained. core elements of the exterior form the basis of the interior.